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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Graphic design has really moved towards muted color palettes over the past year, and it does not seem like that trend is going anywhere anytime soon. The idea of muted colors is basically taking vibrant colors and removing their edge by infusing them with black, white, or a complementary color.

How do muted colors differ from vibrant colors?

The term muted colors refers to colors with low saturation (or chrome). Colors similar to these are without much brightness, have a dull or grayed quality, or are subdued. Colors that are bright, vibrant, saturated are opposites of soft colors. Comparing the colors of a cloudy day with the colors of sunny days. An overcast day's colors are generally duller, less vibrant, and less vibrant than those of a sunny day.

Colors that are muted give us a sense of security, even comfort.

credit : TWUSS

Credit: HannaKresik

What are the benefits of muted colors?

Colors are always in style, no matter what the occasion. A combination of vivid colors and muted colors is usually much more effective than using bright colors all the time. It is not the best idea to combine two bright colors. Imagine the red, blue, and green seen below, surrounded by a vivid yellow. Each color tries to attract the attention of the other. The color combination you see here may discomfit you.


It usually takes three or four years for color palettes to become unfashionable and overused, unlike some fast-changing graphic design trends. Homes are now trending towards muted colors in their interior and exterior.


1. Be proud of changing the color palette on your website to something more muted, like Social Media Examiner.

2. You can even use your brand colors as a stepping stone and create a few secondary color palettes to use in your visual content.


You can join Winc to receive wine delivered to your door every month. In the beginning, the company was just another wine distribution platform. But now it has become a real winemaker, referring to every step of the way to the end-customer. This wine club is elegant, as we can tell by the muted color palette. Site design is minimalist and features simple images, well punctuated with colorful accents that help to keep the focus on the product.

3. Use on your logo. The contrast will be good with dark or light backgrounds.


How to incorporate muted colors into your Real Estate Branding?

Most Realtors go to the usual blue color. It's strong, it's bold and can be very eye pleasing without going outside of the norm. The Real Estate Creative Studio loves to make a statement. Our current collection The Riley, very much embraces muted colors. It's not bright but very gentle on your eyes. This makes for a clean crisp look that can be branded for any buyer or seller. It gives a luxury feel without being black or white.

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