Top 3 Tik Tok content ideas for Realtors

When it comes to connecting with buyers and sellers and growing your personal brand, Tik Tok could be the solution! The results of your real estate marketing on the app won't come from crazy dances.

Do you want to know if it's worthwhile?

What is Tik T0k?

You can find a wide range of short-form videos on TikTok. TikTok's mission is to bring joy and creativity to the world. It used to be more for the younger kids but it has grown substantially since the pandemic started. Companies started looking for other ways to market themselves as Facebook and Instagram have been harder to grow with so many users. So why should a Realtor use Tik Tok?

Benefits of Tik Tok as a Realtor

You can be less professional with this app. Please don't take this to mean not being professional at all, but rather let your personality shine through. Showing beautiful homes is what you do every day. Why not showcase that! Everyone wants to see the beautiful interiors and exteriors of houses. Pictures aren't enough anymore. Videos are taking over all social networks these days. Even if you are camera-shy, you need to show the world your personality to stand out from your competition. In the U.S., the app currently has over 14 million active users a month, who spend an average of 47 minutes a session using it. That is a very long time for an average user on social. Instagram is only 28 minutes to put it into perspective. If you think TikTok is primarily used by Gen Z, you're wrong. Nearly half of its users in the U.S. are between 18 and 34, and another 20% are between 35 and 44. Furthermore, 37% of its users reported having a household income exceeding $100K. Tik Tok is your ideal demographic. ( source What are the ways you can leverage yourself with Tik Tok?

1. Stunning videos of homes

Put together a short video of a particular room in the house or homes you've toured (with client permission) to trending music. Make it shorter than 30 seconds for the algorithm to love it. Everyone loves looking at videos of homes especially luxury or cool unique spaces. While this isn't as personal as my next two ideas, it is certain to drive a whole lot of views which can turn to leads.

An example of one is from


2. Mini vlog about real estate trends

Describe new trends in real estate in short videos of one minute. You can talk about the latest trends in interior design or local market trends. Videotape a day in the life or what you do on a daily basis. You can also let your humor shine through here. You can use this to introduce yourself personally to the audience. It makes you more relatable. Example of one by


3. Expert advice

Here, you'd discuss your experience in real estate. You'd give tips to both buyers and sellers. Be brief as well. Let your audience show you are the local expert in your area. Show off your favorite local spots and explain why you love them. This can encourage people to move to the area and use you as their realtor.

In summary, be creative, have fun, and get a Tik Tok account today!

One last tip: Sign up for the business account so you can see your insights and track your performance. Enjoy Tik Toking!

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